Sunday, July 3, 2011

The birth of something new...

As fashion may come to all of us in different ways, this here blog post is about me, and my development as a fashion guru, stylist, and future designer.

Getting my inspiration for fashion came at a young age for me. Moving around different towns I was in a place within myself where I didn't know who I was. From the suburbs to the cities and everywhere else in between, i saw the different ways that people dressed. Going from dressing in Hollister and Abercrombie, to thinking I was gothic/emo... Experimenting with such styles, words such as poser, freak and weird seemed to follow.
June, 2007

My family never understood me (living with 3 girls I can kinda understand why). They didn't comprehend why they couldn't buy me clothes ever for my birthday or Christmas. I just wouldn't allow it. In my mind, no one had my body type, no one had my personality, no one had what I wanted to wear. 

 As time went on, the years went by, and I was finally working and supplying for myself...that was when I was able to really purchase articles of clothing that made me feel like I was doing something different. I couldn't fit into any other stereotype anymore. I wanted to be an ORIGINAL. Someone who stuck out, but only because he grew confidence within himself. I finally "Came Out" of my closet, my shell if you will, and a Star was born. 

I would say, my weight has always been some what of an issue to me growing up. Being told I was over-weight at a young age by the doctor, that stuck in my head. Never really doing anything about it, I just simply kept thinking "You love yourself, you love your body," But that wasn't it. I wanted to be able to fit into the clothes that I saw my friends wear. I didn't want to be a size 38 in jeans, and an extra large in tops.

Moving out of my moms and becoming an independent to this here crazy world of experiences...I definitely experimented with different things from here to there, that may have jump started my weight loss...but did NOT control it. After a while, it was odd to look into the mirror, and notice this thin man. This man with muscles. This man who was never active before, but now can run blocks, and even ride a bike. 

"I for once felt happy, healthy, and in power." 

September, 2009
Now, feeling as though I'm entering my prime, lets get into the real meaning. Where exactly does all of this put me? Why is it relevant? Why does it matter if I was fat, or used to be teased for not knowing who the hell I wanted to be, or who I tried to be? 

Because bitch's, The Rick, was born this way.

One of my favorite things to tell people is this, and I will quote myself... "Confidence is key, it's my best accessory."
Coco, The Rick, Breezy
With such a quote, It has taught me to not put limits on myself. With my weight loss, and just growing up in such an upcoming artsy area such as Minneapolis my whole life, It was never easy to be so confident. With Role models such as long time friends Coco and Breezy, who are doing such a great big thing in the fashion world, I have developed this whole new love for being risky, and taking what I love, and not letting anything or anyone tell me No.

Also, with those twins being a huge inspiration comes the style of the modern New Yorker. That Grunge, Rock n' Roll, Filthy Pop Star, Glitter and Sequins, 80's, Mr. T, Wild Child look. I like to incorporate different celebrities/models into my everyday visual look. Ones that If I could be seen with them, we'd look like fashion twins, however...I'd want to be the better looking one, ya know!? I love the style of model Agnes Deyn, rocker grawl Rihanna, and the infamous Mother Monster Lady Gaga.

Agnes Deyn

Lady Gaga

The way these power house women inspire me, is by their courage. They are real. They stand for a lot, and I too one day want to not be afraid of anything, and just walk out the house in whatever the fuck I want to, and have people stair at me, and wonder..."What is he wearing?" or "Why is he wearing that?" But to me, I don't care, It's how I feel and it will grab your attention, because confidence is exploding out of me. 

Leaving you hopefully inspired, to tell your true story...The next time I will return with some of my further inspirations, future projects, and what I wish to accomplish in the fashion world. 

"These words are my own, they are nothing but true."

Feel free to comment, love, and hate on what I say. I welcome it all, because I cannot change it. I've tried, and all I do, is do this for you, and myself. I wish to someday lead a world of fashion lovers, people who can appreciate one another, and look fabulous with confidence pouring out of your souls. 

Til next time,
<3 The Rick
"Ricky Rudy Barber"

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  1. awww ricky i'm sooo proud of you baby brother. this is going to be a success and i am here to be behind you 100%! I am happy you found your calling and i'm glad that you are finally happy with what you are doing...i know that there is more to come your way and you are to be blessed with much more if you keep focused and not let anything get to you good or bad! Have faith in everything you do and it will be...and yea you'll have can have 10 haters and then have 100 supporters to knock off them 10 haters! everywhere you go someone will have something to say and its up to you to let it get to you or keep going with what you have planned! Congrats on everything positive that is happening in your life and all the negative things will fly away soon...keep up the excellent work Big Sis is very very very proud of you....I love you!