Friday, December 9, 2011

It's a full moooon tonight!!!! ;3 MY FAVORITE NIGHT!!!! #boywitch

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Style Rules with Rachel Zoe

Fashion and Style totally met its match.

Millennium Hotel bathroom-day of shooting.

On October 14th, 2011 my dearest friend Tommy Hoaglund and I got the privilege to film an episode for the new web mini-series called Style Rules put together by fashion icon Rachel Zoe. The shows main focus is to put two best friends, head to head in a style show down, to see who can create the best look. You are given a mission, $200 to spend, and only 90 minutes to get it all done.

This offer was one that completely fell into our lap. No searching was done for this project, at least not on our behalf. On October 4th, Tommy and I got a facebook message from a good friend of ours Rachel DeYoung (whom we met in Vegas this past summer for our friend Mitchell's birthday), telling us that her friend is doing a casting for two gay best friends who love fashion! Uhh- totally a gig made for us, right?! Not really taking that much interest into it right away, both Tommy and I discussed the possibilities that could come from such an experience. I've been offered for a few different shows, went on a couple of casting calls, and never really made the cut. Not feeling discouraged or anything, but I kind of saw this as a waste of time. There was no way that we could make them want to travel all the way from Los Angeles and New York, to come to Minneapolis to film a couple of gay best friends...but then, I thought to myself and said..."Why the hell not?!" 

I sent Rachel's friend who was doing the search a nice, detailed email about who I am, what I do, and why I feel that Tommy and I would be great for such an episode. I added in 3 pictures of myself and 3 of me and Tom, and from was on.

Taken by: Kyle Heger

It didn't take long for me to here back from the lady. She emailed me the next day saying "Hi Ricky!!  Thanks so much for sending this over, it's perfect!" Now I was extremely excited!
I was at work two days after I got that email and had received a voicemail from her asking if we were available that following Friday. Which luckily, we both were. As pumped as ever that we booked such a thing, I immediately called and notified Thomas of our next adventure! 

He didn't know what to say or think, and my biggest struggle was to think about what to wear. 

That whole week and a few days went by, with me emailing back and forth with multiple producers. Trying to figure out where a good meeting place would be, where good shopping locations are, what we should be expecting, etc. It was fun! Just knowing that I was literally communicating with these people for something that to me, came out of nowhere! 

Friday finally came, and we were super stoked. We met with the production team at the Millennium Hotel downtown Minneapolis, and from there we were going to be filming our intros, and interviews on the Nicollet Mall strip. It was great just being super styled out, with a crew of cameras following you. It doesn't happen everyday. Not gonna lie, it did get a little distracting and kind of annoying when people would be standing right by me, asking what I was filming I was filming. 

Separated for most of that time, when we finally got back together, we filmed the shot for when we actually got to talk and hear from Rachel Zoe. Patiently awaiting the phone call on the new LG Marquee phones [which we used the whole day of filming] we didn't know how to react when we heard her voice over the speaker phone! We lit-erally died.

Rachel Zoe
From there, we drove to Uptown in a race against time...and each other. 
It was mandatory for us to check out VState Boutique located in the Calhoun Square area. We also got to venture off to the other stores in the area including Everyday People, Heartbreaker, Urban Outfitters, Ragstock and American Apparel. 

We shopped for 90 minutes, running into each other on the streets creating fun and entertaining drama, our mission was accomplished. We had to take pictures of ourselves, using the phones given to us, and send them to Rachel and her team. 

They judged us based on our outfits we picked out---they picked a Winner---
What happens next, will only be known once the episode airs online hopefully the 1st week of November.

All in all, I cannot express enough how amazing it was to film such an episode! Doing things for a t.v. show can be a lot of fun, and I of course would love to get into it. Have my own little fashion show on Bravo or something! That'd be a dream come true. 
I also have to say a big Thank You to Rachel DeYoung, for being soo sweet and even keeping us in mind to suggest us for such a thing! It honestly means so much!

 We're just two fashionable gay best friends, who love fashion. I can't wait for everyone to see the episode! <3 STAY TUNED!!!

Taken by: Melissa Hesse

Til next time,
<3 The Rick.

Episode 2
Episode 3

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


"Something to consider...You're always Important." -The Rick

The Rick; Fall is coming soon...

Given some time to greatly consider what I want my year to look like, let me... help you... understand. Basically, Fashion is my everyday and I look at it that way because that's just what I do. That's just who I am, and you know that by reading this blog. Time does not stand still for no one, and I am ready to float with the wind, and continue my days as a Designer, Model, Entertainer. 

I put pressure on myself, on purpose. I like to give myself goals, and watch them be accomplished. I wish to do this with my brand, Rated R. 
I have a strong belief that NO school, could've taught me what I love. No one can teach me how to be creative. The drive is in my blood. It lives through me, and it is up to me, to get it out there. 

With great help from networking, collaborating, and having people believe in your craft...that's what will help me get to my dreams of owning a fashion empire. It's a known fact already that I wish to work through Rated R as a fashion denomination. A place where not only amazing looks will come out each season, but I dream to have different labels to show creative experience and passion in multiple ways. 

Under Rated R will be:
  • Rated R custom designs featuring T-shirts, Hats, and accessories
  •  Glamsquad- The Party Monster Collection. Featuring wild printed dresses, Costume Attire, and the perfect amount of Themed outfits
  • 1213 Denim Line- This will be an exclusive Denim collection working with Vests, Jackets, and unique designs
  • Rad Chad- 80's theme Accessories and Eyewear 
  • GlamPacks/HipPacks- Fanny Pack is back collection
This is an empire, that won't happen over night. But now is the process of getting designs together, finding collaborations to get this business [that won't fail] started, and watching the success fall easily into place.

I have continued and will continue recreating new outfits from bland old useless stuff that doesn't get worn anymore. I prefer doing this rather then buying new stuff because it gives me a chance to show creativity in something that I wish to always do in my life. Besides, it's all unique and I don't like having something that someone else has...unless I made it for the both of us or for everyone.

Taken by: Melissa Hesse

Modeling is also something that I will constantly keep up with. I really enjoy being in front of the camera. I like producing great photos, and it's a fun way to dabble with expressions, feelings, and a taste of reality in the moment. I must admit...I am not in the best of shape to get into a modeling company, but in time...I will soon be physically ready to get out there, and start a professional modeling career. 

You will see me rise to my success, and say..."I knew, he could do it."
And for that, I say..."Thank you."

The support is great, I will continue posting and will continue to rock fashion one day at a time.

Vegas 2011. Taken by: Rachel DeYoung

Til next time!
Black Jesus+Amen Fashion

The Rick

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pieces of me.

Now that the 1st one came and went, lets dig a little bit deeper into the mind in which I live with everyday. I welcome you into my Rated R:

  •  Studs. Jewels. Chains. Diamonds. Things that I in one way, shape, or form cannot leave my house without. People have their preferences, and I being human...have mine too. With my first post being an introduction into what I want to continue doing, this time around I wanted to take it a little further. Give people a true understanding as to Why I choose to wear what I wear, make what I make, and what it is that I'm really trying to accomplish here.

The Wild One
 Attention is fun. (If you're into that kinda thing.) If I want to make a statement, I know it isn't hard for me to do so. I love to take my risks, and be responsible for the outcome. 

To me, "fashion is a lifestyle" and I have taken it upon myself to be a local role model for the one's around me, to be like..."Hey, I am going to wear this because it makes me feel great. It makes me feel cute. It makes me, who I am." You can take what you want to wear, and run with it. I highly encourage that courage within people. It shows personality and strength beyond yourself. It gives you power in knowing that you are confident, and could care less what others who strive to fit in with the newest trends have to say. 

My personal style is influenced by yes those multiple celebrities that I see everywhere. But, in a way it starts a little deeper. I would say that it also has to do with music, culture, and friendship. My musical taste is so wide, that I use music as my everyday personal soundtrack. I like to strut and walk to every beat. I typically think of myself, or models dressed in there most fashionable duds, just walking- fiercely to whatever it is I might be listening to. Like most, I have to have a preference. Pop music is pop culture, so why wouldn't that be my favorite, due to just how I am. I would also consider myself to have country, electronic, rock n' roll, and hip hop influences when it comes to music and fashion.
Taken by: Melissa Hesse

What brings me so in touch with fashion is also the pieces that I want to eventually have available for people to purchase. Although I am not one of stereotypes and such, I don't believe in that...but I do believe in looking good. I want people to feel happy, like me, and nothing makes me happier then a nice ass outfit. 
     The pieces that I have made for my own personal wardrobe are ones that I use mentally as a project. Garments that If I can be confident wearing them, then others will see that. Notice that it looks extremely fierce, chic, and unique and would potentially buy them. I want everyone one day to be consumers of something that I've designed and constructed. I have an obsession with studs, jewels, and chains. They portray hard work, determination, and creativity to me. The way I use them, I try to not make them look cheap and cliche, but more so...natural, and exotic at the same time. 
Super Star Vest

Blue Jewels
I respect the physical motion of detailing. All the things that I made/make (shown are just a few things) are all timely detailed, they all have a place, and are crafted by my own fingers. My blood, sweat and sometimes tears are what makes these garments finished...and they get recognized when I wear them out, on there tests at the bars, clubs, parties, events, mall, etc. Why not?

My line is the name of my blog. It's me. It's Rated R
Rated Ricky. Rated Raw. Rated Ready. Rated Rich. Rated Rock-star.
I wish to take this as far as I can go. I have hopes and dreams. I have talent. All I need to maintain is the motivation, and that is getting up every morning, and continue to do what I already do. I do me. 

Gem Collective
September 2010, I along with my great friend Melissa Hesse (the lady behind the lens of my most beautiful pictures ever taken) and her amazing partner Melanie Day (a phenomenal play writer, catch her work in this summers Fringe festival) started this collaboration group which will host parties, events, art shows, etc. all to just gain experiences and push all these local artist out there. Growing slowly but surely, it has some really great potential in the Twin Cities to become a strong art group for local artists to come, share ideas and collaborate. Still in it's young stage, we have had the honor to launch a preview party which was a great success this past February. I debuted some of my work that people were anxious to see what I had come up with. 

Fashion show for Gem Collective 2010

Gem Collective Preview Showing 02/10
Typically, I go for blank t-shirts that I can recreate and make them better then what they were before. I will make alterations, add studs, cut them up, and at this time I was working with red lace as well. I will continue doing a lot of this, as well as adding new materials and even strengthening my abilities to try new things. My biggest downfall right now, is that I do not sew. It hasn't been 
one of my strengths, and I will only have to get really good at it, in order to accomplish the things I want done. Some may not see my garments the way I do, and that's fine...I just see them, and I think, "you must be confident to wear that." 

 With the support of my family, friends, other artists and designers, and even the following fan base that I wish to strengthen as friends someday, I know that all I want is the best for fashion. I am constantly coming up with more. I have lists of things I hope to accomplish within my life here on earth. This will be a while and a lot of time with me. 

I strive to meet with more designers, artists and photographers, to help advertise each other. I love going to photo shoots, just dressed as myself. That's when we all get our best work done. I will be pushing forward with getting more work done. I want to be exposed, and this is the beginning of my prime. With your support, we will watch this happen. Stay tuned for my next post, as it as of right now, has no significant theme...I cant assure you it will be in my own words, and it will be for you. 

The Rick
 Til next time,
<3 The Rick
"Ricky Rudy Barber Jr."

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The birth of something new...

As fashion may come to all of us in different ways, this here blog post is about me, and my development as a fashion guru, stylist, and future designer.

Getting my inspiration for fashion came at a young age for me. Moving around different towns I was in a place within myself where I didn't know who I was. From the suburbs to the cities and everywhere else in between, i saw the different ways that people dressed. Going from dressing in Hollister and Abercrombie, to thinking I was gothic/emo... Experimenting with such styles, words such as poser, freak and weird seemed to follow.
June, 2007

My family never understood me (living with 3 girls I can kinda understand why). They didn't comprehend why they couldn't buy me clothes ever for my birthday or Christmas. I just wouldn't allow it. In my mind, no one had my body type, no one had my personality, no one had what I wanted to wear. 

 As time went on, the years went by, and I was finally working and supplying for myself...that was when I was able to really purchase articles of clothing that made me feel like I was doing something different. I couldn't fit into any other stereotype anymore. I wanted to be an ORIGINAL. Someone who stuck out, but only because he grew confidence within himself. I finally "Came Out" of my closet, my shell if you will, and a Star was born. 

I would say, my weight has always been some what of an issue to me growing up. Being told I was over-weight at a young age by the doctor, that stuck in my head. Never really doing anything about it, I just simply kept thinking "You love yourself, you love your body," But that wasn't it. I wanted to be able to fit into the clothes that I saw my friends wear. I didn't want to be a size 38 in jeans, and an extra large in tops.

Moving out of my moms and becoming an independent to this here crazy world of experiences...I definitely experimented with different things from here to there, that may have jump started my weight loss...but did NOT control it. After a while, it was odd to look into the mirror, and notice this thin man. This man with muscles. This man who was never active before, but now can run blocks, and even ride a bike. 

"I for once felt happy, healthy, and in power." 

September, 2009
Now, feeling as though I'm entering my prime, lets get into the real meaning. Where exactly does all of this put me? Why is it relevant? Why does it matter if I was fat, or used to be teased for not knowing who the hell I wanted to be, or who I tried to be? 

Because bitch's, The Rick, was born this way.

One of my favorite things to tell people is this, and I will quote myself... "Confidence is key, it's my best accessory."
Coco, The Rick, Breezy
With such a quote, It has taught me to not put limits on myself. With my weight loss, and just growing up in such an upcoming artsy area such as Minneapolis my whole life, It was never easy to be so confident. With Role models such as long time friends Coco and Breezy, who are doing such a great big thing in the fashion world, I have developed this whole new love for being risky, and taking what I love, and not letting anything or anyone tell me No.

Also, with those twins being a huge inspiration comes the style of the modern New Yorker. That Grunge, Rock n' Roll, Filthy Pop Star, Glitter and Sequins, 80's, Mr. T, Wild Child look. I like to incorporate different celebrities/models into my everyday visual look. Ones that If I could be seen with them, we'd look like fashion twins, however...I'd want to be the better looking one, ya know!? I love the style of model Agnes Deyn, rocker grawl Rihanna, and the infamous Mother Monster Lady Gaga.

Agnes Deyn

Lady Gaga

The way these power house women inspire me, is by their courage. They are real. They stand for a lot, and I too one day want to not be afraid of anything, and just walk out the house in whatever the fuck I want to, and have people stair at me, and wonder..."What is he wearing?" or "Why is he wearing that?" But to me, I don't care, It's how I feel and it will grab your attention, because confidence is exploding out of me. 

Leaving you hopefully inspired, to tell your true story...The next time I will return with some of my further inspirations, future projects, and what I wish to accomplish in the fashion world. 

"These words are my own, they are nothing but true."

Feel free to comment, love, and hate on what I say. I welcome it all, because I cannot change it. I've tried, and all I do, is do this for you, and myself. I wish to someday lead a world of fashion lovers, people who can appreciate one another, and look fabulous with confidence pouring out of your souls. 

Til next time,
<3 The Rick
"Ricky Rudy Barber"