Wednesday, August 24, 2011


"Something to consider...You're always Important." -The Rick

The Rick; Fall is coming soon...

Given some time to greatly consider what I want my year to look like, let me... help you... understand. Basically, Fashion is my everyday and I look at it that way because that's just what I do. That's just who I am, and you know that by reading this blog. Time does not stand still for no one, and I am ready to float with the wind, and continue my days as a Designer, Model, Entertainer. 

I put pressure on myself, on purpose. I like to give myself goals, and watch them be accomplished. I wish to do this with my brand, Rated R. 
I have a strong belief that NO school, could've taught me what I love. No one can teach me how to be creative. The drive is in my blood. It lives through me, and it is up to me, to get it out there. 

With great help from networking, collaborating, and having people believe in your craft...that's what will help me get to my dreams of owning a fashion empire. It's a known fact already that I wish to work through Rated R as a fashion denomination. A place where not only amazing looks will come out each season, but I dream to have different labels to show creative experience and passion in multiple ways. 

Under Rated R will be:
  • Rated R custom designs featuring T-shirts, Hats, and accessories
  •  Glamsquad- The Party Monster Collection. Featuring wild printed dresses, Costume Attire, and the perfect amount of Themed outfits
  • 1213 Denim Line- This will be an exclusive Denim collection working with Vests, Jackets, and unique designs
  • Rad Chad- 80's theme Accessories and Eyewear 
  • GlamPacks/HipPacks- Fanny Pack is back collection
This is an empire, that won't happen over night. But now is the process of getting designs together, finding collaborations to get this business [that won't fail] started, and watching the success fall easily into place.

I have continued and will continue recreating new outfits from bland old useless stuff that doesn't get worn anymore. I prefer doing this rather then buying new stuff because it gives me a chance to show creativity in something that I wish to always do in my life. Besides, it's all unique and I don't like having something that someone else has...unless I made it for the both of us or for everyone.

Taken by: Melissa Hesse

Modeling is also something that I will constantly keep up with. I really enjoy being in front of the camera. I like producing great photos, and it's a fun way to dabble with expressions, feelings, and a taste of reality in the moment. I must admit...I am not in the best of shape to get into a modeling company, but in time...I will soon be physically ready to get out there, and start a professional modeling career. 

You will see me rise to my success, and say..."I knew, he could do it."
And for that, I say..."Thank you."

The support is great, I will continue posting and will continue to rock fashion one day at a time.

Vegas 2011. Taken by: Rachel DeYoung

Til next time!
Black Jesus+Amen Fashion

The Rick

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